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Poser of the Month

The poser page is dedicated to the riders, who you would see out at the OHV Park.
These are the guys that spend all there time watching the other riding, while the bike sit in the back of their pick-up or trailer clean as a pin, these are the guys that go out and spend all kinds of money on their bike and equipment, but yet it never touch's the dirt or mud. These are also the guys that spend a great amount of time telling you how to ride but yet they really donít know what they are talking about because their bike hasnít see a speck of dirt the whole time they have owned it. If you know of a poser, then you know what we are referring to!!! The picture will tell the story all by itself, so send in your picture and we will post it for you. Happy ridding and May God keep you safe.







Email: getrad@bayareamoto.com